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When I was a student at Ohio University, I setup a BBS, a Bulletin Board System, where people could dial in, post and receive messages, and share files.

Not only did my BBS have message boards, chat rooms and file sharing, there was a gateway to the university network providing UUCP and SMTP messaging. The Bobcat BBS was a hit after a couple of weeks and it was the start of many new friendships. Running the Bobcat BBS is what solidified my intention to change majors and pursue a career in technology.

This idea of on online community has certainly remained a popular part of our technology culture with many like-minded individuals sharing thoughts and ideas through the electronic "ether" of the Internet. Instead of BBS forums over limited dial-up lines where only a few people could be online at the same time, we now have sophisticated systems running in massive data centers sharing data with any millions of people concurrently. It is now possible for a single person to reach billions of people with relatively little effort.

This site is a return, of sorts, to my roots of sharing my computing resources, ideas, experiences and acquired knowledge (technical and otherwise) with any who may happen across it with the hopes of providing some value to those who need it and possibly cultivating some new relationships along the way.

Goals and Objectives

There are many reasons for my starting a technical blog:

  1. Share what I have learned
  2. Technical Archive - Keep a record of how to do some relativly complex tasks.
  3. Reinforce Learning - Improve learning by creating training materials for others.
  4. Record Recently Acquired Knowledge - Consulting provides me new experiences monthly.
  5. Improve my writing skills
  6. Improve my graphics design skills
  7. Improve my frontend skills
  8. Learn SEO fundamentals


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Steve Cote

Steve has been a systems architect for the telecommunications and electric utility industries creating circuit provisioning systems and smart grid solutions. He is a hands-on architect working with teams to deliver large complex projects. More recently, Steve has been consulting agile teams from Fortune 15 organizations, start-ups, and everything in-between to be more productive with DevOps and agile practices.

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