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Integrations As A Service

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Run a pool of Coyote DX workers in your data center (or cloud) to scale integration horizontally.

Coyote Systems runs multiple workers in our cloud-based data center to handle read-transform-write (RTW) processing which scales a s demand changes. Each worker retrieves a job assignment from the job queue, pulls the job configuration and context data from cloud storage, instantiates a transform engine, then runs the transform configuration. Pre and Post processing tasks ensure the environment are initialized and cleaned-up when the job is run ensuring each worker starts with a pristine environment with no data leakage.

Data transfer jobs can be entered through the website or imported directly into the data store. These are the exact same jobs users created and ran locally; no modifications are required to run them in the cloud. This means each team can develop and debug their jobs locally and deploy them to the "cloud" when they are ready to productionalize their data transfers.

You can run a similar configuration in your data center with your own infrastructure, use our cloud, or your own cloud infrastructure, Coyote is cloud-agnostic and portable across a variety of hosting environments. This means you can provide secure data mediation services to the entire organization with one solution. Each data transfer job can be owned and maintained by different people or centrally administered.

  • Industries: Telecommunications, Electric Utility, Insurance, Finance
  • Tools: Loader, DataFrame, DX, SN, Custom modules for custom operations
  • Category: ITSM, Provisioning, Security, Monitoring
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Steve Cote

Steve has been a systems architect for the telecommunications and electric utility industries creating circuit provisioning systems and smart grid solutions. He is a hands-on architect working with teams to deliver large complex projects. More recently, Steve has been consulting agile teams from Fortune 15 organizations, start-ups, and everything in-between to be more productive with DevOps and agile practices.

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